Reduce cloud cost

Lower your operational cost by starting and stopping your EC2 instances on a schedule.

schedule everything

Schedule uptime for EC2 instances and scale schedules for autoscalinggroups.

Automatic backups

Create backup schedules for your EC2 - Storage Gateway & RDS and set a retention period.

Tag security groups

Add descriptions to inbound rules and easily remember the details of all IP addresses.

Why did we start aewacs?

We have been successful in web services and API integration since 2010. Using the Amazon Web Services platform right from the beginning, we soon found ourselves offering AWS managed services for a growing number of clients. To make our own handling of multiple AWS accounts easier, we kept adding functionalities to the point that they were no longer sufficiently nimble.

Basically and initially in our own interest, we decided to build a tool to automate a range of repetitive, scheduled activities.

Benefiting from substantial efficiencies in terms of time and money saved, we simply couldn’t deny our customers the same benefits. That only seems fair, right?

Inspired by the military Airborne Warning And Control System, our very own aewacs was born!

aewacs features

aewacs EC2 overview screen

EC2 overview

Get an overview about the current status of your instance. See which uptime schedule is connected and perform some actions.

aewacs usermanagement screen

User management

aewacs comes standard with usermanagement.

aewacs account management screen


You can add multiple accounts to aewacs. This allows you to controle multiple accounts with one easy to use environment.

aewacs schedule screen


With aewacs you can schedule about everything. uptime for EC2 instances. Backups (AMI's - volumes & RDS). Scale actions for autoscalinggroups. Even schedule uptime accross multiple AWS accounts with our environments option.

aewacs schedule screen

Tag security groups

Add global descriptions to frequently used CIDR and aewacs will automatically add this to all relevant inbound rules on the SG's.

aewacs customers


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