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About aewacs

Why aewacs?

aewacs is developed to deliver added value on top of the existing Amazon Web Services console. As such aewacs will provide extra services not available in the AWS console. Currently aewacs enables you to create schedules for Amazon Web Services EC2 instances, RDS and autoscalinggroups.

These schedules can be used to fully automate:
  • on/off times for your EC2 instances;
  • autoscaling actions (up / down / suspend);
  • EC2 (AMI - volumes), RDS and Storage Gateway backups
  • Our newest feature enables you to tag security group rules. Tagging security group rules makes it very easy to remember all details of all IP addresses.

    Using these aewacs features can easily reduce your monthly cloud cost by 25% or more with just 10 minutes setup.

    Who are the people at aewacs

    The people at aewacs are just like you. We use a lot of cloud services, especially Amazon Web Services. As, like most of you, we have a lot to do with little time. Therefor we have a profound love for automation and lowering costs. That's why Bart, Sander, Peter, Luc, Eelco and Maarten created aewacs. We hope it will make your cloud automation easier!

    Sander Brinkhuis, CTO & co-founder

    Sander Brinkhuis - CTO & co-founder

    Sander is responsible for the company’s technology and architectural direction.

    Luc van der Pijl, VP Products & co-founder

    Luc van der Pijl - VP Products & co-founder

    Luc is responsible for the company’s strategic roadmap definition and product development.

    Peter Perebooms, CMO & co-founder

    Peter Perebooms - CMO & co-founder

    Peter is responsible for leading global strategy and execution of all corporate and product marketing, customer acquisition, branding and awareness.

    Eelco de Vries, lead deveoper

    Eelco de Vries

    Eelco is our lead developer for aewacs. He oversees all development activities and multi-tasks while dominating deadlines with his team.

    Are you our new colleague?

    Are you our new colleague?

    Want to make aewacs even better. Join us! Send an email with your resume and motivation letter to recruitment at