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AS2 for SAP NetWeaver

AEDAPTIVe's AS2 Adapter for SAP NetWeaver® offers secure and reliable EDIINT AS2 capabilities to exchange EDI, XML or any text message format of choice via the Internet is supported without the need of additional software.


  1. Unlimited license!
  2. Automatic document recognition.
    Using embedded correlation logic and recognition document can be easily tracked in a correlated matter.
  3. Built-in AS2 support.
    No need for additional software or tools. Only a fixed Internet connection will be sufficient to reduce EDI networking costs.
  4. Message Monitor
    For viewing native XML or EDI content.
  5. Display EAN numbers
    when available from message.
  6. Included test scenarios for educational purposes Safely play around with AS2 using guided procedures.


  • HTTP(s)
  • AS2
  • XML
  • Flat Files
  • 3DES encryption
  • RC2 (40,64,128) encryption
  • AES (128,192,256) encryption
  • MD5 , SHA1 signing
  • EDI/X.400 for SAP NetWeaver