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Learn more about EDI for SAP NetWeaver

EDI Adapter for SAP NetWeaver

AEDAPTIVe's EDI Adapter for SAP NetWeaver® is a high performance EDI solution with embedded translation and monitoring capabilities and built-in X.400 support.

The solution is already pre-packaged with some mappings, saving valuable implementation time and costs.


  1. Competitive license structure
    AEDAPTIVe's EDI Adapter for SAP NetWeaver® comes with an unlimited per production seat license. Meaning no limitations to business partners, message volume or size or connected systems.
  2. Cross-industry
    The adapter is extended with industry specific adapter content when needed.
  3. VAN Explorer
    Extend your way of tracking messages in the event of failures. Use the VAN Explorer to see the content of the VAN-mailbox.
  4. Automatic document recognition
    Using embedded correlation logic and recognition document can be easily tracked in a correlated matter.
  5. Configurable check
    For out-of-sequence message ID's.
  6. Batch mode configuration
    For outbound documents following a schedule per receiver communication channel.
  7. Bundle multiple outbound documents
    Following the same schedule in one EDI envelop.
  8. Message Monitor
    For viewing native XML or EDI content.
  9. Display EAN-numbers
    When available from message.
  10. AS2 Adapter
    Optional adapter.
  11. PGP Encryption / Decryption
    Optional module.
  12. Included test scenarios
    For educational purposes. Safely play around with EDI using guided procedures.
  13. Supports ...
  14. Built-in...
    X.400 support.
  15. PGP
    For SAP NetWeaver.