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PGP Module for SAP NetWeaver

AEDAPTIVe PGP is a solution for SAP NetWeaver Process Integration that offers PGP encryption and decryption in the form of SAP NetWeaver PI modules.

This means that – unlike other products on the market – AEDAPTIVe PGP is completely integrated in SAP NetWeaver. This has several benefits. The most important one is that the encryption and decryption process takes place within SAP NetWeaver PI, so that there are no unencrypted data files on disk that can be compromised.

A second benefit is that the encryption and decryption process can be monitored completely using the standard monitoring tools of SAP NetWeaver PI. Your support staff does not need to use external monitoring tools to keep track on the PGP encryption process.


  1. Public key encryption and decryption
  2. Creating digital signatures
  3. Public key encryption and decryption for multiple recipients
  4. Compatibility with the OpenPGP standard
  5. Supported public key algorithms RSA, DH, DSS
  6. Supported symmetric key algorithms AES, 3DES, and others
  7. Compression
  8. ASCII armoring (Radix64 encoding)
  9. Symmetric key encryption and decryption
  10. Combination with public key encryption
  11. Key management