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aewacs - “Thank God for ‘cloudy’ days and bars”

Sjoerd Vellinga works as a Transportation Management Consultant at CargoFit, a Dutch company that he founded in 2011 with another colleague. Until recently, CargoFit has served its clients with consultancy services and implementations of transportation and logistics solutions using SAP ERP.

Rethinking their revenue model, they are now in the process of making the shift towards offering more standardized SaaS solutions. Involving aewacs in this transition immediately paid off ‘big time’ and the best is yet to come.

Casual conversation turning serious

“With over twenty employees, both permanent and freelance, we are increasingly focusing on hosted services and developing new functionalities than before”, says Sjoerd.

“Today, with ever shorter time-to-market requirements, customers are increasingly abandoning customized software looking for plug & play solutions. All they have to do, is load the relevant company data into the new solution which can be done in only a matter of weeks.”

“Initially, we were using our own servers to this end. But, when Bart Boonen and I were talking in a bar two years ago, our conversation shifted towards our mutual business activities. Bart suggested opting for a cloud solution using Amazon Web Services instead of relatively expensive on-premise servers with limited scalability.”

€ 18,000 of savings

“In the new situation, we can simply rely on aewacs for any required changes in computing power, up and downscaling, safety patches and so on. We have benefited from the automated scheduling tool by aewacs right from the start which has already saved us some € 18,000 at the touch of a button.

All we have to do is exit the software correctly but not for long as aewacs is currently working on a script to automate that part of the log-off procedure as well. This will help us save some headaches too, as misunderstandings as to who is responsible for logging off or forgetting to do so will remain without consequences.

We want to be careful not to run our mouth, but aewacs is even working on automatically creating a clone of our system the moment a new client creates a trial account via our website. You didn’t hear it from us!”

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