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AEPEX Business Consultants was one of the first companies to engage aewacs for our automated scheduling tool. Erik van Putten is more than willing to tell you about it.

Saving on your energy bill, both at home and at the office, using a timer is no rocket science and has been common practice for many years. Realizing similar advantages with cloud providers by automatically activating and deactivating your usage is a different story. Until recently that is.

Designed for disaster

AEPEX is a leading supply chain management consultancy with offices in Gorinchem, The Netherlands, and Manilla, the Philippines. Its 80 consultants work with both SAP and Reflex Enterprise Resource Management software. Their clients include renowned companies such as Samsung, Lamb Weston, Fuji, Arcadis, Aviko and Audax.

“Some five years ago, aewacs’s sister company inQdo helped us successfully migrate to Amazon Web Services. Amazon is a very powerful cloud provider with great ‘design for disaster features’. Although our software runs on servers in an Irish data center, another server thousands of miles away serves as back-up in case of an emergency”, says Erik.

Demos in real-time

With another office in the Philippines, AEPEX’ production environment is in operation almost on a 24/7 basis. Their design and test department in the Netherlands, however, is in operation about twelve hours a day. Here, colleagues spend a lot of their time preparing and showing system demos in real-time to clients.

"For this department, the automated scheduling solution by aewacs has helped us save thousands of euros per month! Their solution goes beyond just switching on and off, and includes starting and closing all relevant applications in a stable manner. The fact that the people at aewacs are young, very professional and flexible, and understand our business very well is a nice bonus but by no means an irrelevant one.”

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