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aewacs - Eelco de Vries passed exam for AWS Certified Developer Associate

Our Java developer Eelco de Vries passed his exam for AWS Certified Developer – Associate. Congratulations, Eelco!

High-quality product

As you might know, we built aewacs ourselves. To keep the quality of our company as high as possible, and to guarantee our customers a high-quality product, our developers are all AWS certified. Also, having certified developers ensures us to maintain our status of Advanced Technology Partner of AWS.

Eelco played a very big part in the building process of aewacs. As he is now officially an AWS Certified Developer – Associate, his skills are officially documented.

Ongoing learning process

Amazon regularly updates its services. Therefore, we find ourselves in an ongoing learning process. This ensures us to not only stay up to date with Amazon’s newest services, but also to being able to continuously improve aewacs.

AWS Certified Developer – Associate

At the exam, our developer was tested on his technical skills regarding developing and maintaining applications on the AWS platform. Subjects of the exam, were e.g.:

  • Picking the right AWS services for the application
  • Leveraging AWS SDKs to interact with AWS services from your application
  • Writing code that optimizes performance of AWS services used by your application
  • Code-level application security (IAM roles, credentials, encryption, etc.)

Measuring objectively

The exam took place in Arnhem, where Eelco passed with flying colors. He says: “I think certifications are a good concept, because they are an objective measurement of someone’s knowledge. With this exam, I can monitor – and, if needed, adjust – the development of my own knowledge.”

Photo by Luca Upper

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