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  • aewacs – Use case: Security Group rules

    Today isn’t a good day for Pete. He’s an AWS SysOps administrator and therefore responsible for access control of the AWS cloud. Pete loves his job. But not today.

  • aewacs – Top 10 reasons to join our neighbourhood

    On the internet, and YouTube in particular, there are countless so-called ‘ultimate lists’ or classifications, mostly presented as Top 10 or Top 5 and so on. We are sure you have come across one or two yourself. We are actually about to add our very own version which is in fact a Top 9 plus a bonus listing. First, however, here is our Top 5 reasons not to take a look at that particular enumeration.

  • aewacs – now available in the AWS Marketplace

    Oh, happy days! From now on, you can purchase aewacs in the AWS Marketplace. It took us a while to get here, and we’re super happy to be part of this leading channel in the cloud community.

  • Online learning center - New: Instruction Videos

    We’ve created something new for you: Instruction videos!! Our instruction videos are short and sweet. Perfect to get you started with aewacs. The first few videos contain all the basics. After that, you’ll get some awesome tips and tricks, so you can really get your money’s worth. (Even if you have a free account. ;-))

  • aewacs - moving up in the AWS partner tier

    Great news! We are moving up on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ladder, from registered technology partner, to standard tier partner. The achievement comes only 6 months after we’ve launched aewacs.

  • aewacs - update 1.1.5

    Yesterday we updated aewacs to release 1.1.5.

  • aewacs - update 1.1.0

    With the new 1.1.0 release of aewacs we have made aewacs even better and we’ve added some new functionality! We are always looking to improve aewacs with every release. In order to do that we listen to you our valued customer.

  • aewacs - features in handbook AWS’ Research Cloud Program

    Today, Amazon Web Services launched the AWS Research Cloud Program. The first deliverable for the program is the Researcher’s Handbook for the Cloud. Guess what? aewacs is featured in this handbook!

  • aewacs is live!

    Woohoo, the wait is over – aewacs is live! We’re very proud to be able to tell you that aewacs is now officially launched.

  • aewacs - new to the AWS partner landscape

    Utrecht, aewacs today announced the worldwide release of aewacs for AWS. aewacs automates scheduled activity for your various Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud resources.

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