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aewacs – Use case: Scheduling Multiple Accounts

Remy is a manager of a DevOps team. Guarding his company’s budget is a common part of his job. Remy absolutely likes challenges, but his newest task is pretty intense.

“More cuts… How can we save money when we work as efficiently as possible? We’ve already moved our data to the AWS cloud for goodness sake.” Remy looks at his screen, contemplating about this new challenge.

Cutbacks are a recurring evil at Remy’s company. Every so often, he is called by his supervisor and asked if he can figure out a new way to save money. Although it’s sometimes quite difficult to come up with a new budgeting strategy, he always succeeds.

One of his best budgeting choices ever

Two years ago, Remy decided it was time to say goodbye to the on-premise servers. The required licenses, maintenance and updates were just draining the budget. After a thorough search, he discovered Amazon Web Services. He pitched the idea to the board and easily gained permission to move the company’s data to the AWS cloud. This was by far one of his best budgeting choices ever.

Remy thought he would be free of constructing budgeting strategies for a while. And he was. Until this afternoon.

Pensively, he looks at his screen that displays all registered AWS accounts. “There must be something here,” Remy mutters to himself. “I just need to find it.”

Working outside office hours

As the hours pass, more of his colleagues leave the office. As is Pete. “Poor Pete”, Remy thinks. Pete’s work-bestie Mark emigrated a while ago, and Pete is responsible for finding Mark’s IP address so he can deactivate it. “I’m sure he’s up working until 1am every night, when everyone else is sleeping.” He scrolls on through the list with active AWS accounts, thinking of colleagues that are working outside office hours.

And suddenly it hits him. “Almost nobody is working outside office hours, while their AWS resources [such as EC2 and RDS] are active 24/7. What if I could switch the recources off when they aren’t used? That would save us some serious money.”

Scheduling resources in multiple AWS accounts, an excellent idea

Most providers offer the option to schedule resources in only one AWS account and therefore make you choose between scheduling a developer, production or test account. Remy wants to schedule multiple accounts so he’ll reach his financial quota. His ideal option: aewacs.

aewacs detail screen showing the tagging security group rule feature

aewacs lets you schedule the on/off time for multiple accounts, from one interface. You just log in and start scheduling all desired resources. You can switch them off before and after office hours, for example. Or when someone is sick, on holidays or just temporarily unavailable. Just give it a try with a free account.

Remy smiles. Now, can sit back and enjoy his moment of glory. Another challenge completed.

Photo by Lee Key

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