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aewacs is a simple tool that automates scheduled activity for your various Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud resources.

With aewacs, you can easily create on/off time schedules for your systems, backups, auto scaling groups and environments in AWS. Consequently, your cloud resources will be solely turned on when you want. Can you imagine the costs you’ll save? As all schedules are automated, you’ll also save time and always have a clear overview of your resources’ activities.

aewacs comes in different shapes and sizes: you can choose from 5 plans, which you can both upgrade and downgrade. This way, you’ll always use the plan that’s right for you. Needless to say, we have a free plan to get you started.

With our newest feature, you can tag security group rules. This feature enables you to attach notes to inbound rules. Now, you can easily remember all details of all IP addresses.

Sjoerd Vellinga - CTO CargoFit

We are very pleased with the uptime schedule for our EC2 instances and the subsequent reduction in our AWS bill. The payback period on aewacs fee for an entire 12 months was a little over 15 days. At CargoFit we are super pleased with aewacs.

Pim Vogels - DEV/OPS Moddix

Our developers use the EC2 instances vigourisly during office hours. We use aewacs to adapt the uptime of our EC2 instances and autoscalinggroups to the needs of our developers without paying too much for our AWS resources.

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